Prior to walking your dog, I do a free home visit to meet you and your dog and discuss how we can maximise the benefits of the time your dog spends with me and any specific requirements your dog may have.
Walkease dog walking service is a 'group' dog walking service, ensuring that not only is your dog fully exercised, she/he will also benefit from great doggy socialisation as well as having fun and making new friends.
Through my member of staff I can also offer individual walks for those dogs that aren't suited to group walks. However I always encourage group walks where possible as it has so many benefits, both physically and mentally.
A variety of walking environments are carefully selected that are stimulating for your dog but also ensure your dog's safety at all times. I do a morning, lunch and afternoon walk, allowing clients to choose which walk will best break up their dogs day. My walking service is for a minimum of an hour (often longer). I never return a dog home until he/she is truely tired and ready for a rest. The walking service is charged at 8.

As we know dogs are happier in a safe, loving home environment. My dog boarding service is run from my home in Greystones. Its a 4 bed detached house, that I dedicate totally to the business. The house is split into an active play half and a more tranquille relaxing half for sleep and cuddles, ensuring an environment to suit every dog. I have a good sized secure garden with a gate backing onto Bingham Park/Whitely Woods, making it very easy to constantly exercise and stimulate any dogs in my care. Dogs that stay with me are encouraged to join in with the daily walks that I do as part of the walking service. So its fun, play and exercise all day before snuggling up on the sofa and watching Coronation street at night.
I have a member of staff who is equally dog mad,who supervises any dogs that can't cope with all the walking and play. Thus ensuring any dog in my care is always supervised and loved even when not out on all the adventures we go on.

The doggy creche is there for days when you are out of the house for long periods. Clients can drop off to my home any time between 7am and 10am and collect anytime between 5pm and 7pm. I also offer a collection service. Whilst with me during the day I take your dog out on a minimum of 2 big walks, often 3 during the day. Ensuring when you come home/to collect you'll have a very tired,happy dog who will require no more than their tea and bed. For those dogs where 3 walks and constant play can get too much, they can stay at home for cuddles and love with Sally (staff member). The creche service, like all my services offers constant supervison, love, stimulation, play and exercise.

The picture below is taken on the field behind my house. Directly behind me you can see the house and the gate backing onto the large fie;d and woodlands.
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